Spring 2012 Footwear Frenzy

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Keds teams up with Madewell

    Keds made a slight comeback in past years with their vintage style kicks, but they were typically a plain color. This Spring/summer, Keds has made a comeback-teaming up with Madewell. From a nautical appeal to striking stripes, Ked’s just got more fun. These fun colors were inspired my Madwell’s fun upcoming collection- young … Continue reading

Japan comes out with a new wonder fabric: EcoPure

The fashion industry is a fairly young and new industry that began in the late 19th to early 20th century, during the American industrial revolution. Its boom since then has spiraled from a societal hierarchy consisting of couture to a mass manufacturing of ready-to-wear. Instead of owning just a dress or two and nylons –we … Continue reading