LED (light up) Dress – Under Normal Lights

This is a follow up to my earlier post: LED (light up) dress: Ravishing Roses. Due to requests, I have added these photos of my dress under normal lighting conditions! Please continue to enjoy the rest of my blog, and follow me for more news updates!

Free Vector for CAD: Adobe Illustrator

Maybe this is just for apparel students, or students who want to learn how to create technical flats for their Fashion design portfolio pages – either way- vecteezy.com has really cool brushes that I have been tinking around with. ( I am not associated with this site). If you do not know what a technical flat is, here is … Continue reading

LED (light-up) DRESS: Ravishing Roses

The reason I have not posted anything recently, is finally here! My UV-LED Dress that is made out of boning, LED lights that are individually wired, and 45 handcrafted, roses. (Message me if you would like to know how to make these roses, that may be another post that I will work on, this summer.) … Continue reading

Nature Designing: Starting with Biomimetics

Sustainability is no longer accepted blindly, and the word green has become questionable as companies have “green washed” us. What claims to be “green” is not quite what they led us to believe. “Eco-friendly” is just a convenient slogan. 1 million tonnes of fabric waste ends up in landfills each year. Right now, fashion manufacturers … Continue reading

Fashionary: For Aspiring Fashion Designers

My friend Rin showed my her sketchbook one day, and it had templates- croquis. I was so amazed by how functional it was. I wanted one really bad, so I bought one over the summer. Despite my tight college budget, I would have to say this is worth the investment! My sketching experience is ten … Continue reading