Fashion Trucks: Bringing the Product to the Consumer

Just a couple of months ago, I read a news article about fashion trucks – retailers selling clothing out of a truck. For companies, it is a way to bring products to the consumer, instead of waiting for consumers to come looking for their products. The first time I read this, I thought this was an insane idea! However, it has become a widespread phenomenon that is becoming a “new thing.”

Despite gas prices in the past year – it has not stopped these trucks. For those who struggle with the traditional brick and mortar, this has been proven to be a more cost friendly method. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a rental space to set up shop, a couple rolls of quarters at a parking spot will only cost approximately ten-dollars.

However, is this so plausible for everyone? It seems to be plausible for several fashion trucks that are already parking near restaurants and other places of high traffic, however, some trucks are facing some legal issues of their own.

It is illegal on public streets. Many stores are unhappy with the them.

Many truck retailers are trying to get the city to create an ordinance that will allow them to sell with a permit, very similar to a food truck. However, this is a touchy subject. Why do stores have to pay thousands of dollars to rent a space while a truck retailer across the street can just pay the parking meter? This will hopefully be decided in the coming months ahead.

For now, you can locate these trucks a private parties.


4 Responses to “Fashion Trucks: Bringing the Product to the Consumer”
  1. My husband and I have secured our domain name and social media name across cyberspace- We are jumping on the amazing idea and combining our love of travel, photography, writing and people — along with my husbands flare for resale— and hitting the road. Cannot wait to see our truck manifest into reality too!

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