Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum

Valentino, a fashion genius for 45 years has come out with a downloadable Museum. Over 5000 documents consisting of photos, documentaries and more are included.
“After downloading the desktop application each visitor can create their unique route through the galleries, to discover and enjoy every aspect of Valentino’s extraordinary world,” states

For your viewing pleasure, just make sure your MAC or PC has these few things before you begin:

• 3D Graphic card with 128Mo VRAM
• 1024x 768 screen resolution (optimized for 16/9)
• MAC INTEL : OS 10.5 minimum
• WINDOWS : XP (SP3) minimum, Dual Core processor

Here is the link:

Valentino Garavani has left an undeniable legacy, defining the unique world of couture for most of his design career. In July 2007, a three-day celebration in honor Valentino’s 45 years in fashion was commemorated. Two months later, Valentino retired.

Even to this day, he still wakes up with a new dress in mind. “I love to draw. I love to design,” he says. “When I am alone in my room, when I am alone somewhere, I still make drawings,” said Valentino on the Oprah show.
However, he admits to one thing.  “Finally today I can say it—I am proud of what I did,” he says. “But I am proud, too, to stop at the right moment, when the room was full of people.”
But, there is still a dream beyond the legacy that this fashion legend still has to see to. “I always see ballets in my mind,” he says. “I would love to design for the theater.”


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