Japan comes out with a new wonder fabric: EcoPure

The fashion industry is a fairly young and new industry that began in the late 19th to early 20th century, during the American industrial revolution. Its boom since then has spiraled from a societal hierarchy consisting of couture to a mass manufacturing of ready-to-wear. Instead of owning just a dress or two and nylons –we can now consume a walk in closet without hesitancy.

The extremities of the typical American wardrobe have had a negative impact on the environment. From organic to GMOs – it does not make a difference.  Making clothing to satisfy the masses requires a lot of energy and materials. In fact, most of the energy put into a garment is during its use – when we wash it.

Which brings me to a company in Japan, Teijen, who is debuting a new fabric-EcoPure in Summer 2012.

EcoPure could pave way to a low wash garment in which it is antibacterial, sebum stain resistant, and deodorizes- not to mention, it is good for your skin! It is a polyester fabric in which its fibers have been modified to be water absorbent with quick drying properties.

Reported by Teijen, the mild acidity can selectively control growth of unhealthful bacteria while promoting beneficial bacterial growth, thereby maintaining healthy skin and providing ultraviolet protection. The hydrophilic properties enable absorption of perspiration as well as removal of sebum-based stains by washing, and the mild acidity neutralizes its alkaline components.

With these properties, garments would not have to be washed often because it deodorizes and quickly dries-avoiding those awkward arm lifting moments.

Despite many “go green” alternatives that are not very eco-friendly. PET recycled fabrics, or fabrics made from plastic bottles can be harmful to the skin over long exposure because of the toxicity of carcinogens. Fabrics that “clean itself” when exposed in ordinary sunlight are also harmful to our skin over long exposure due to the nanoparticles made from a compound of titanium dioxide and nitrogen. Recycling is a great option as well, but that is typically the last option because it is very energy intensive, but less than using virgin fibers.

Most people are looking for an “ah-ha” moment in the sustainability movement, but with our technology right now we can only move forward toward something better. This EcoPure fabric may not be the answer, but it can be a start to going green in another direction.

This may be a start to a new way of dressing .



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