I made a “Fancy Schmancy Jacket”

For my advanced pattern class last semester here at Stout, we had to make a fully lined, fitted, suit jacket for ourselves. It took one month to make. From the multiple  muslin fittings to the construction, I cannot say I feel deeply inclined to ever make one again. One month is the bare minimum to make a sewn jacket. If you want it sewn well.

I would suggest using a thicker woven fabric, preferably wool if you want to consider making a sewn jacket. Wool presses well and maintains it’s shape. A thicker wool is also easier to construct, because there are fewer steps in the interfacing stage. In addition, a heavier wool is ideal for horsehair. I made the simple mistake of choosing a lighter weight, non-wool, and the construction process was prolonged for a whole day.

I now give so much credit to designer lines that present beautifully sewn jackets that maintain a sturdy, snazzy shape. I nearly drool over the construction and design detail. The fabric choices and the sewing techniques are a skill I wish I could master. But not anytime soon.


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